1. COVID vaccine may cause COVID
    • NO the currently licensed vaccines are based on mRNA and have no live virus, they only make your body generate a fragment of the virus which is not infective
  2. mRNA vaccines may alter your DNA
    • No. mRna vaccines DO NOT enter your cells’ nuclei, so they cannot become part of your dna. Instead they make a small portion of the spike protein of the corona virus and your cells make an antibody to prevent infection- Genius
  3. The new vaccines have not been adequately tested.
    • NO. The vaccines have undergone the same rigorous testing as any other vaccine and are safe. They simply sped up the development based on new technology and funding which did not place the risk on the drug companies.
  4. If you got the Flu vaccine you don’t need to get COVID vaccine
    • No. These are 2 different vaccines and one will not protect against another so please get both vaccines.
  5. You can stop taking precautions for COVID if your are vaccinated.
    • No. Until there is significant decrease in the amount of covid in the community you must still wear a mask, socially distance and wash your hands.
  6. If I had COVID, I do not need to get vaccinated.
    • False. Even if you had COVID, not everyone becomes immune and immunity wanes. Getting vaccinated is your best bet against getting COVID 19.
  7. COVID vaccine may increase your risk of HIV
    • No. This not related and has been propagated by falsehoods.
  8. COVID 19 affects people because of their genetics.
    • Although African Americans and Hispanics are disproportionately affected, this appears to be due to social determinants  of health and not genetics. If you take out obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure, the rate of death is the same across all races.
  9. Mask wear for a long time causes carbon dioxide to build up in your body.
    • False. Wearing a mask does not cause low oxygen or increase your carbon dioxide level. You should wear a mask tightly and change the mask if damp
  10. Putting antibacterials, disinfectants or ointments in your nose or hands will prevent COVID 19
    • False. Putting bleach or other substances which are cleaning products inside your body is harmful. COVID 19 is a virus and very small so ointments and other substances you place in nose will not help and may hurt you.